How do I start using Joypad?

Download Joypad from the App Store. Next, download a Joypad Enabled game on your iPad or Mac. Wait for the two devices to connect, when the new controller slides up your ready to start playing. Note: WiFi or Bluetooth must be enabled. Some games require you to connect from the settings screen. Watch the video below to see how it works:

Does Joypad work on an iPod Touch?


Can I use Joypad without a WiFi connection?

Yes. Joypad will also work over Bluetooth. For best performance disable WiFi on you're iPhone to force a Bluetooth connection.

Will it work with a weak wifi connection?

Not really. It will lag like crazy. Use Bluetooth.

Can I use Joypad with non-supported games?

Yes, but only on your desktop. To do this you'll need our free desktop client Joypad Connect available for Mac or PC. Watch the Joypad Connect getting started video:


Joypad won't connect to my iPad.

Make sure the game has built in Joypad Support and is running when you try to connect. A full list of Joypad Supported games is available here.

The game I'm trying to play has Joypad Support but I still can't connect.

Make sure WiFi or Bluetooth is enabled on both devices and on the same network. Start Joypad on your iPhone and the game on your iPad. Wait for Joypad to connect on the main menu screen. Bluetooth usually takes about 30s to establish a connection while WiFi is instant.

I'm connected to Joypad but its slow.

If you're experiencing lag over a WiFi network switch to Bluetooth on both devices. Also, turn WiFi off on you're iPhone to force a Bluetooth connection.

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