Add Joypad support
to your game.

Download the Joypad SDK

Create a custom controller with just a few lines of code.

Change controller layouts on the fly.

Connect multiple devices for co-op or multiplayer games.

Joypad connects over WiFi or Bluetooth with no lag.

Use the accelerometer for games with tilt controls.

Test right from the iOS & Unity Simulators.

  • "No iOS fan can deny the coolness factor that Joypad provides - it really feels like magic! Developers could spend weeks implementing similar functionality from scratch. The Joypad SDK does all the hard work and gets you up and running in minutes."

    Chaotic Box Match Panic

  • "I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to integrate into my existing code, and blown away at just how well it worked! I feel like it added a huge amount of value to the game, while requiring only a small amount of effort on my part. The final result is just too cool! My future projects will use it, for sure!"

    Warner Skoch Vertex Blaster

  • "I was amazed at how easy Joypad actually worked. The implementation of the SDK was pretty smooth, but thenseeing it in action and having your game automatically connect to the joypad app without any interaction is perfect."

    Orange Pixel Stardash

  • "It only took me half an hour to add Joypad support to Super Mega Worm, and it works great. I won't hesitate to support it in future projects."

    Deceased Pixel Super Mega Worm